I passed the bar and set a new bar for myself.

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Every time I scroll through my LinkedIn news feed this time of year, I see an all too familiar type of post. A bubbly undergraduate student pictured in a cap and gown exuberantly announces that they are attending ___________ School of Law in the fall. The post usually amasses hundreds of likes from strangers across the internet cheering on this soon-to-be 1L.

Admittedly, every time I see one of these posts, I fight the urge to message the author something along the lines of, “Skip the tuition deposit, turn around, and do something else.”

My cynicism isn’t completely unfounded. After…

With expectations out the window, it’s time to reframe 2020.

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It’s the end of 2020, and one thing I’m most excited to do is watch It’s a Wonderful Life with my new husband.

I can quote that movie exactly. My favorite scene from the film is the one right after George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) saves his father’s building & loan business from going under after the stock market crash. He had just gotten married, spent all of his honeymoon money to save a business, and returns home to a crumbling house where his new wife (Donna Reed) is roasting chicken on a spit.

You see, they were supposed…

Working out at home during the COVID-19 outbreak is the best thing to happen to my mind and body.

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Two months ago, I was anything but chill.

I mean, I had zero chill. Especially when it came to fitness.

If you were to tell me two months ago that I would be living during a pandemic and watching the world crumble in its wake, my first response would be, “Okay, but will I be able to workout?”

No kidding.

I became a treadmill addict after I suffered a stress fracture while training for a marathon. I needed a place to…

I never expected my dog to teach me lessons about being human.

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One random workday, I saw an ad for Petfinder on my computer, a service that animal shelters and adoption centers use to connect listed animals with potential new owners.

As I casually scrolled down the pet profile page of my local shelter, a pair of huge ears caught my eye.

An emaciated dog in a carefully-coordinated bow tie was looking at me, and he seemed to stare into my soul. He was smiling.

His name was Emmett, and to be completely honest, he looked like a total ham. …

I was running from much more than I realized.

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“Color where it hurts,” Mom read.

My mother and I were sitting in a hospital waiting room when a nurse gave us a paper covered with the outline of a human body.

“You mean I have to color here because I fractured my twat?” I asked.

“Your pubic bone,” Mom replied.

Our cackling laughter carried throughout the waiting area.

As I shifted my weight to position the piece of paper, the familiar sting and twinge of my hip reminded me of why we were spending the Friday before Thanksgiving in a hospital in Louisiana rather than my apartment in New…

Is your comfort zone controlling you?

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults age 18 and older in the United States. Unsurprisingly, lawyers and law students are some of the most anxious people in the United States. In fact, approximately 98 percent of law students experience “significant stress,” compared to 70 percent of med students and 43 percent of other grad students, according to a popular mental health blog.

Like most budding lawyers, my first semester of law school was not a cakewalk. My aunt, who I was very close to, passed away within my first month of…

How blaming myself empowered me to stay accountable in 2020

Photo credit: https://stevetobak.com/2016/12/26/new-years-resolutions-dumb/

Have you ever wondered why those carefully-crafted New Year’s resolutions often fall flat?

According to CNN, 40% of Americans set New Year’s resolutions, but only 40% to 44% will keep them by the six-month mark. Hopeful resolution-makers flood their social media feeds to make the world aware of their lofty promises. After all, the holidays offer the rare opportunity to show vulnerability on what is otherwise a posed and captioned highlight reel.

Social media can be a useful tool to hold oneself accountable and achieve goals (cute caption and filtered photo included). But keep in mind that social media is…


I am the Brand Manager for Zinda Law Group and a content writer who loves fitness, family, and God. Views are my own.

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